About Us

Oklahoma New Holland farm dealer, tractors, round balers, hay equipment, farm equipment is Tulsa New Holland; Your Partner for Life offering new and used tractors, round balers, mower conditioners, hay equipment, skid steers and lawn care equipment.



You hear that a lot these days, but have you ever thought of what it really means? It means that your money stays in Tulsa, where it gets spent over and over, creating work and prosperity for your neighbors, instead of wealth for some out-of-state corporation.

For example, got a problem or a question and want to talk to the owner of a big box store? Good luck with that! He or she is probably buried behind layers and layers of managers and ultimately responsible to a board of directors somewhere in the home office. Tulsa New Holland's owner, Mike McCrate, lives here. He knows that if he doesn't take care of you, someone else will. So, that's rule #1. Tulsa New Holland is Family Friendly & User Friendly.

Better prices at the big box stores? A myth. We regularly beat the big guy's prices. And we beat their selection, too. And their service departments and their parts departments too (they don't have service and parts departments, they farm all of that out.) Anyway, we think better price is a long term deal. Not just the price you pay, but what it costs in time, convenience, and dollars over the long run. That's why what you buy at Tulsa New Holland comes professionally pre-assembled and pretested, and ready to get to work for you. And when you need maintenance or have a problem, you can bring it right back and get personalized, professional service.

A little old-fashioned maybe, but it's the way we treat family.

Now if you're thinking this sounds more like a partnership, good! Our slogan is "partners for life."

These are just a few of the differences between a family owned store and a corporate owned store. It's because Kelly, Trav & Tosh & 'nem take you personally. That's something else you won't find in the big stores. If you've heard our radio ads, you also know that we have a personality. That's something that makes it a whole lot more enjoyable to do business with us.

Tulsa New Holland, Inc., Tractor Dealers, Tulsa, OK