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2018 New Holland Agriculture Windrow Merger H5410

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New Holland Agriculture
Windrow Merger H5410



  • Get In Line For Bigger Profits: Squeeze more out of every acre by making each pass a more productive one. The H5400 series windrow mergers combine swath paths to efficiently match windrow width and density to forage harvester or baler capacity. Gentle action ensures a premium crop, and fewer trips through the field reduce fuel use, wheel traffic, labor and production costs. Bring it all together and get ready for a more profitable harvest.
H5400 Models Features
  • Three Models, More Options, All The Right Features: If well-matched, high-quality windrows are what you're after, then we've got you covered. A choice of three models, with optional extensions and attachments, let you match the configuration to your operation. Plus, a gentle floating pickup comes standard so you get everything you want in a windrow, and nothing you don't.
  • Center-Pull Model: Powered by a 70 hp tractor with one remote, the center-pull crop merger offers a simple, economical way to merge windrows up to 12 feet. Extensions are available to expand the merge area up to 14 feet.
  • Side-Pull Models: For larger acreage, choose between two side-pull models. The convenient hydraulic swing-tongue design provides offset operation, so tractor tires stay away from the crop swath. Both the 9-ft H5420 and the 12-ft H5430 can be outfitted with extensions to increase merging area to 18 feet.
  • A Gentle Floating Pickup Keeps The Riffraff Out: Dirt and stones have no place in a premium windrow. That's why a floating pickup comes standard to skim ground contours while replaceable three-prong teeth carefully lift valuable crop, keeping leaves intact and debris in the field.
  • A Conveyer Belt Designed Right: The 42-inch conveyer efficiently transfers crop with a ribbed belt that provides a sure grip and extra high back panels to keep crop from exiting early. An anti-wrap device on the bearings prevents crop from wrapping and damaging bearing seals.
  • Simultaneous Speed Adjustments: Working in harmony, the pickup and conveyer speeds adjust simultaneously for smooth crop flow.
  • Merge Right, Invert Left: All H5400 crop mergers are designed to merge crop to the right. To invert crop using the optional inverter chute, simply switch the location of the two quick-disconnect hoses to change the direction of the conveyor belt.
  • Add Extensions: For merging wide swaths, extensions are available for all three models, adding 2 feet to the center-pull and a choice of 2-, 4- or 6-foot extensions for side-pull models.
  • Boost Hydraulic Flow: Don't let a single remote tractor stand in the way of your side-pull crop merger. A self-contained hydraulic pump is available for those without adequate flow, allowing the merger to work efficiently off one remote.
Cross Conveyor
  • Width, in. (mm): 42 (1067)
  • Length, in. (mm): 170.8 (4337)
  • Conveyor Drive type: Hydraulic
  • Belt type: Spliced
  • Discharge side (right or left): Right- left to invert only
  • Shiftable cross conveyor: Not available
  • Inverter chute option (yes/no): yes
  • Optional conveyor extensions, ft. (mm): 2 (610)
  • Optional conveyor- folding or fixed: Fixed
  • Conveyor extension shut-off: NA
  • Cross conveyor shut-off kit: NA
  • Transport width, in. (m): 172 (4.4) (2' extension adds 2' to transport width)
  • Transport length, in. (m): 231 (5.9)
  • Transport height, in. (mm): 54 (1371)
Frame And Tongue
  • Type pull: Center
  • Ground clearance under raised pickup, in (mm): 10 (254)
  • Tongue swing: NA
  • Parking stand or jack: Jack
  • Transport safety chain: Standard
  • Transport lights: Standard
  • Recommended operating speeds, mph (k/h): 2 to 12 (3.2 to 19.3)
  • Maximum transport speed, mph (k/h): 20 (32)
  • Tractor control box: NA
  • Wheels and tires (size): (3) 6.70 x 15
  • Single axle: Standard
Merging Capability - Feet (m) Of Cut
  • Base unit: 9 to 12 (2.7 to 3.7)
  • With 2-foot (.6 m) extension: 11 to 14 (3.4 to 4.3)
  • With 4-foot (1.2 m) extension: NA
  • With 6-foot (1.8 m) extension: NA
  • Width, inches: 108
  • Type: Spliced belt w/plastic fingers
  • Pickup tooth type: Replaceable 3-prong plastic
  • Separate belt sections: 3 X 3' (.9 m)
  • Adjustable pickup and conveyor speed (Tractor driven): Tractor remote flow control
  • Adjustable pickup and conveyor speed (Self-contained): Tractor PTO speed
  • Floating pickup: Standard, on gauge wheels
  • Lift System: Hydraulic
  • Gauge wheels: Standard
  • Gauge wheel size: 5.70 x 8
  • Drive type: Hydraulic
  • Roller windguard: NA
Tractor Requirements
  • Hydraulic flow requirements, gpm @ psi (lpm @ bar) (w/tractor hydraulics): 16 @ 2000 (61 @ 138)
  • Hydraulic flow requirements, gpm @ psi (lpm @ bar) (w/self-contained hydraulics): 5 @ 2000 (19 @ 138)
  • Tractor remotes required: 2 w/tractor driven; 1 w/self-contained
  • Remote hydraulics type: Open or closed center
  • Hydraulic remote valve type (w/tractor hydraulics): Double-acting w/detent and flow control on at least one valve
  • Hydraulic remote valve type (w/self-contained hydraulics): Single or double acting
  • Recommended tractor size: 70 HP (52 kW)
  • Base unit weight, tractor hydraulics, lbs. (kg): 2880 (1306)
  • Base unit weight, self-contained hydraulics, lbs. (kg): 3380 (1533)



170.8 in. (4337 mm)
172 in. (4.4 m)
2880 lb. (1306 kg)

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