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2019 Bush Hog HDSS1S

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Bush Hog



The new 3-point heavy duty subsoilers from Bush Hog® are the right tool for you when breaking up a hardpan developed over years of heavy use. Compacted soil can hurt you in two ways: plant roots cannot penetrate into the lower levels of the soil to tap additional nutrients and, in wet conditions, the excess water cannot drain away…both effects weaken your plants and reduce your yields. The new HDSS model subsoilers from Bush Hog® are available in four configurations, single or double shank with either short or long shank, capable of ripping the soil to depths ranging from 19 inches to 23 inches depending on the shank length. In certain areas, these subsoilers can be used to install water lines at depths suitable to get below the frost line. The beveled edge of the high carbon steel shank, combined with a heat-treated replaceable plow point, allow you to cut through the soil with minimal ground disturbance; shear pin protection is provided. When you need to go deep…the Bush Hog® HDSS subsoilers get the job done for you. Nothing beats a Bush Hog®!

Performance Features
  • Cat. 1/2 Quick Hitch
  • Replaceable Bolted on Cutting Point
  • Depths ranging from 19 inches to 23 inches depending on the shank length.
  • Available in Major Tractor Colors
Product Features
  • Replaceable Heat-Treated Cutting Tip.
  • Parking Stands are Standard
  • Beveled Shanks /Promote Easier Ground Penetration
  • Models: HDSS1S
  • Description: Subsoiler Heavy Duty 1 Shank Short Subsoiler Heavy Duty 1 Shank Long
  • Hitch: Cat. 1/2 Quick Hitch
  • Overall width: 41"
  • Max Depth: 19"
  • Overall height: 39 1/2"
  • Weight: 261 lb.
  • Horsepower: Approximately 35 hp per shank up to 85 hp
  • Number of Shanks: 1
  • Shank size: 1 1/4” x 9 7/16” x 26 1/8”
  • Cutting Point: 1” x 2 1/2” x 9 3/8”, Replaceable, Bolted On
  • Colors: Available in major tractor colors
Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations. Specifications Subject to Change without notice.



261 lb.
Number of Shanks
HP Rating
35 hp per shank up to 85 hp


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