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2019 New Holland Agriculture Speedrower® SP Windrower Tier 3 240

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New Holland Agriculture
Speedrower® SP Windrower Tier 3 240



  • Now There's Even More Speed In Speedrower®: New Speedrower® SP windrowers allow you to get the job done quicker than ever before, while giving you the industry-leading power, control, comfort and performance you've come to expect from New Holland. Industry-leading new features speed the Speedrower models past other SP Windrowers on the market.
  • 24-Mph, High-Speeed, Forward-Looking Transport: A new high-speed transport option provides road speeds up to 24 mph*—the fastest in the industry—so you can enhance your productivity and efficiency by spending less time on the road and more time cutting crop. This factory option not only saves you time and labor, it saves you in fuel as well. Another plus: there's no need to change to “transport mode," swivel your seat, or navigate the road looking over a large engine hood as some other windrowers require.
  • Improved Steering Control: The new hydraulically controlled steering system eliminates mechanical steering linkages, including six rods and pivot points, for simpler, more precise steering.
  • The Most Responsive Handling Ever: Straight-line tracking is a New Holland exclusive. New Holland partnered with Pratt and Miller engineering, world renowned in professional motorsports, to optimize the design and performance of New Holland windrower steering components. The solution optimized the windrower's stability at higher speeds as well as its braking ability. New anti-shimmy shock absorbers on the rear caster wheel wheels of windrowers equipped with the high-speed transport option provide improved steering control. Swivel post casters are positioned at nine degrees for faster response when changing direction or turning quickly. Combine these new features with New Holland's best-in-class rear axle suspension and Comfort Ride™ cab, you get the smoothest, most responsive windrower handling ever.
  • Increased Ground Clearance: You'll easily clear large and fluffy windrows with 42.5 inches of ground clearance from head to the rear of the machine. That's more than 6.5 inches of additional clearance when compared to the previous H8000 Series windrowers.
  • Real Support For Real Terrain: You get a choice of tires with rugged support arms to match your needs. NEW larger 16.5L tires provide a smoother ride over rough ground and feature a new single cast support arm design for more clearance for mud, debris and tall fluffy windrows or swaths. Crop will not wrap around the single cast arm, as often happens with fork supports with large tires. Standard 14.0L tires are suitable for most hay operations and feature a new heavier-design tailfork, rear axle spindles and hubs for increased structural integrity.
  • Independent Rear Axle Suspension: This patented feature is now standard equipment on the Speedrower® 200 and Speedrower® 240, and optional on the Speedrower® 130. It provides an exceptional ride and allows you to improve your speed and efficiency on uneven terrain.
  • Power Down Lift Arm Function: Now, you can remove and attach headers more easily by hydraulically lowering the header lift arms to remove the header without the need to handle manually. The power down option allows a single person to change heads easily on the fly and speed to the next field. * Depending on front tire size.
Drivetrain Features
  • Powerful and Efficient: ABUNDANT HORSEPOWER; Choose from three Speedrower® windrower models with Tier 3 emission engines rated at 126, 190 and an industry-leading 226 horsepower. Full-flow turbochargers and intercoolers provide quick response and high fuel efficiency.
  • Power Manage Feature: Power Manage is standard equipment on six-cylinder Speedrower windrowers working with Durabine disc headers. Power Manage allows you to reduce engine speed as much as possible while still maintaining cutting speed and not lugging down the engine. When turned “on,” Power Manage maintains the disc speed you choose. If the engine drops below 1850 RPM, the header drive pumps are disabled until the engine recovers to 1900 RPM, then automatically returns to the selected disc speed.
  • Improved Hydraulics: A more reliable hydraulic valve block design includes more robust hydraulic components for less downtime. The valve block is now located under the right-side platform, outside of the engine compartment, and the valves are color coded, all for easy serviceability. You get increased oil flow and increased oil cooling capacity pumps that provide more reliability and less downtime.
  • Simple Maintenance: New Holland makes maintenance and refueling easy, to keep you working at high speed. Regular maintenance areas, such as filter and fluid level check points, are easy to access and centralized for faster servicing.
  • Fast Checks At Ground Level: Unlike other windrowers, Speedrower® windrowers allow you to refuel while you keep your feet on the ground. Reaching the engine and drive system is convenient, too. Just lift the side shields for complete access to routine maintenance points.
  • Easy Access Behind Rear Screen: A rotary radiator screen, standard on all models, opens for convenient servicing of air conditioning condenser, hydraulic oil cooler, radiator and intercooler. The rotary screen precleaner reduces debris buildup on the rear screen by using the vacuum generated by the engine fan to continuously sweep the screen.
Cab & Comfort Features
  • Industry-Leading Comfort and Control: Speedrower windrowers continue to provide optimum visibility, plenty of room and comfort with a full-size instructor’s seat and optional heated leather seat.
  • Cab Suspension Offers Smooth Ride: The unique Comfort Ride™ cab suspension cushions you from chassis motion to take the bumps out of your ride. It’s standard equipment on all Speedrower windrowers. Four-point suspension includes iso-mounts on the front and coil springs over shocks at the rear. So you can take advantage of high-speed cutting without taking abuse from rough ground conditions.
  • Plenty of Room and Comfort Features: The spacious cab includes storage, lots of legroom and even built-in footrests. The tinted, curved windshield provides a great view of the header and outstanding overall view. A three-way adjustable steering wheel telescopes and tilts at floor and knee levels, and the dual cab air filtration system cleans both fresh-air from outside and air recirculated within the cab.
  • Convenient Controls For Easy Operation: The innovative floating control console can be adjusted independently of the seat. Once both are set for the operator, they move or float together so that the controls stay in the same position relative to the operator’s hand. The CommandGrip™ multi-function control handle puts all you need at your fingertips.
  • Choose Your Monitor: Select from three monitor options: 1) a Four-Line display with three lines that you can customize 2) Four-Line display with touchscreen-ready, providing all the components to plug and play an IntelliView™ IV monitor from another machine 3) a 10- inch color touchscreen IntelliView™ IV display.
  • Independent Hydraulic Header Flotation: The Speedrower 200/240 and all Speedrower 130 draper models are equipped with independent header flotation, which allows you to adjust flotation separately for the right and left side of the head, without leaving the cab. Non-draper Speedrower 130 models feature unified flotation, with left- and right-hand lift arms carrying the same setting.
  • Simplified Adjustment: The drop rate—how quickly your header raises and lowers to the ground—now has a 1 to 10 user preference setting, making this important feature user-friendly. Operators can program two cut-height memory positions and can make changes on the fly with a simple press of a button on the CommandGrip™ multi-function control handle. On draper-ready models, a lift arm position sensor provides header height feedback to the operator on the display. If many operators operate the same machine, owners can set and lock the flotation adjustment to the setting they prefer.
  • Deluxe Cab Upgrade Package: For the ultimate in comfort, optional factory-installed features include: • Automatic Temperature Control with set-and-forget temperature control • An A-pillar information display with fuel level and coolant temperature bar graphs and six additional warning lights • Front and rear sunscreens • Four matched premium speakers instead of just two
Precision Land Management Features
  • Precision From The Factory: Speedrower® SP windrowers now feature integrated IntelliSteer™ auto guidance that is fully installed and tested at the New Holland plant in Grand Island, Nebraska. Both windrower steering and the guidance system are controlled completely with hydraulics so there’s no delay in response due to wires, electronics or steering linkages that slow other windrowers.
  • Drive By Oil, Guide By Oil: With New Holland windrowers, guidance and steering are controlled completely with hydraulics, so there’s no delay in response due to wires, electronics and steering linkages used by other windrowers.
  • IntelliSteer™ Accuracy: Speedrower windrowers can now provide cutting accuracies from +/- 1 inch to 8 inches, so cutting overlap becomes nonexistent in wide cutting and swathing applications. And you control both windrower function and auto guidance with one screen. System components, including the IntelliView™ IV touchscreen display, 372 GPS receiver, and Navigation II controller are common to New Holland tractors, combines, sprayers and large square balers.
Prairie Special Features
  • The Ultimate Swathing Machine: The New Holland Prairie Special is a Speedrower® SP Windrower customized for high-capacity swathing of grains, oilseed or pulse crops. All three Speedrower models are available as a Prairie Special. Prairie Special machines include the features most requested by prairie grain-swathing customers, including: • Deluxe cab upgrade package • In-cab control of reel and canvas speeds • Engine cold start • Auto Guidance Ready • Fixed-position crop shields • Cab and rear axle suspension • Header quick latch • Draper ready with chaff wiper kit • 600/65 R28 R1W drive tires • Single cast rear wheel support with 16.5L tires
Dual Windrow Merger Features
  • Dual Windrow Merger Speeds Handling: Ideal for high-capacity forage harvesting, a Speedrower® self propelled windrower with a DuraMerger™ 419 mounted crop merger lays two windrows side by side to increase forage crop volume. A convenient in-cab control adjusts the merger belt speed and the deflector position so you can lay the windrows exactly the way the forage harvester operator wants them.
  • Low-Riding Merger Catches All The Crop: When fully lowered, the merger rides only a few inches above the ground to pick up the entire crop. The robust merger design lets it float up and over obstructions, then automatically return to its original position, without having to manually readjust it.
  • Easy On-Off Controls: Switching from one windrow to two is easy and can be done right from the cab simply by lowering or lifting the merger. When it’s not needed, the merger tucks up tight and out of the way under the windrower frame.
  • Great Clearance, Reliable Belts: Industry-leading clearance eliminates the chance of catching a windrow while crossing uneven terrain. The merger belt system was designed for reliability, as well. Belt speed and deflector position are adjusted from the cab, an endless belt takes the worry out of maintenance, and a V-guide on the inside of the belt ensures it will track evenly, no matter how heavy the load.
  • Engine: New Holland 6-cylinder, Tier 3
  • Displacement cu. in. (L): 411 (6.7)
  • Type: Turbocharged with air-to-air intercooler
  • Rated horsepower hp (kW): 226 (168) @ 2200 rpm
  • Fuel injection pump: Electronically controlled high pressure common rail
  • Batteries / alternator: 2, 12-volt 650 CCA / 150 amp
  • Fuel capacity gal. (L): 120 (454)
  • Rotating wand cooling system pre-cleaner: Standard
  • Transmission: Dual range hydrostatic
  • Final drive: Double reduction planetary
  • Steering: Hydrostatic
  • Speed range, depending on front drive tires: 2 speed drive mph (kph): 0-31.4 (0-19.5)
  • Speed range, depending on front drive tires: 3 speed drive mph (kph): 0-24.7 (0-39.8)
  • Length with header in. (mm): 283 (7188) with Durabine 416
  • Length less header and lift arms in. (mm): 199.2 (5060)
  • Height in. (mm): 134.8 (3424)
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 144.1 (3659)
  • Front tread width in. (mm): 154.8 (3932)
  • Rear tread width (adjustable) in. (mm): 90-105-120 (2286-2667-3048)
  • Rear axle suspension: Standard
  • Tractor weight lbs. (kg): 11,225 (5092)
  • Rear axle tires: 14L x 16.1 8PR
  • Rear axle ground clearance in. (mm): 41.97 (1066)
  • Header drive: Hydraulic
  • Header flotation: Independent hydraulic flotation (flotation weight at each end of header independently controlled from cab)
  • Hydraulic header tilt: Standard
  • Header power reverser: Standard
  • Adjustable windrow shields (on hay units): Standard
  • In-cab windrow-width adjustment: Optional
  • Single lever header transport lock system: Standard
  • Cab: Deluxe, curved tinted glass
  • Cab suspension: Standard
  • Cab air filtration: Dual: 1 external air filter and 1 in-cab recirculation filter
  • Seat: Deluxe air suspension seat with fore / aft lumbar adjuster, ride dampening
  • Seat (leather heated): Optional
  • Instructor seat: Standard



Engine Manufacturer / Type
New Holland 6-cylinder, Tier 3
Engine Power
226 hp (168 kW)
Dual range hydrostatic
Fuel Capacity
120 gal. (454 L)


283 in. (7188 mm)
134.8 in. (3424 mm)
11,225 lb. (5092 kg)
144.1 in. (3659 mm)

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